Klamath County Producers


Flying T Beef:  Their grass-fed beef sold at Sherm’s Thunderbird Market and the Running Y Ranch Resort Market.  Flying T delivers special orders to Eco Solar (515 South 6th Street) every other Tuesday.  During the summer, their beef is sold at the Klamath Falls Farmers’ Market.  Please visit their website for more information:  http://www.flyingtsalers.com/meat/index.html 

Horsley Farms Inc: They offer locally grown natural beef. Their Angus-cross herd has been with the family for over fifty years. All are hormone,pesticide and antibiotic free; grass-fed with feed grown on their ranch. Beef is sold “on-the-hoof” in either whole or half shares. http://www.horsleyfarms.com/index.

Prather Ranch:  Prather Ranch is best known for its premium dry-aged, certified organic and natural beef program. Beef is sold at Howard’s Meat Center 5717  S. 6th Street

Food 4 Life:  They sell organic grass-fed beef, chickens, eggs, and lamb.  To order, call Teresa Penhall at 541-281-8821 or email food4life@fireserve.net . 9026 Hwy 39; Klamath Falls, OR 97603. Teresa also teaches classes on healthy farm/home cooking.  http://www.food4life.co/

Rodriquez Farm: They sell farm fresh lambs by the whole or half. Lambs are typically available in November or December, but reservations are required in August. Rodriquez farm has a natural, pastured, contented herd that is grass-fed and finished. Prices are $125 for a whole lamb plus cut and wrap at Diamond S (Approximately $5-6 per pound). For information contact Justin Rodriquez @541-274-0015 orjustinrodriquez@q.net

Ramifications:  37291 Agency Lake Loop Road, Chiloquin  541-891-0817 ballen004@centurytel.net   www.oregonwool.com   Ramifications sheep have nice fleeces and their lambs produce good, healthy meat. In addition to selling USDA certified lamb, they sell wool items, wool yarn, and raw wool. Their 4th annual Barn Sale will be held the 2nd Saturday of October. They will sell their meat along with crafts, produce, jams, and relishes.

Community Supported Agriculture

Staunton Family Farm: (Summer CSA) 485 County Road 102, Tulelake, California 96134  stauntonfamilyfarm@gmail.com www.facebook.com/Staunton-Farms-276336575716727/  530 667-5657 Staunton Family Farm is a fourth generation venture and Tulelake homestead that has been growing food since 1929, providing organic produce certified by Oregon Tilth.

Fresh Green Organic:  They are a certified organic greenhouse selling a variety of produce all year round with their CSA. They sell their produce at the Klamath Falls Farmers’ Market when it is open. The CSA pick-up is on Wednesdays from 3-6 at the Town & Country Center – 3600 South 6th Street .  If you’re interested in joining their CSA visit their website http://www.freshgreenorganics.com/ They also have produce for people who are not members of the CSA.

Aerie Acre Bear Valley 440-554-9804 matt@dragonflytransitions.com Aerie Acre is a non-profit market garden run by volunteers at Dragonfly Transitions. Their goal is to provide the community with local, sustainable, and healthy produce. They sell a wide variety of seasonal vegetables at the Klamath Falls Farmers Market, Leap of Taste, and through their summer season CSA. Their CSA pick up location is 1010 Pine St. in Klamath Falls. *Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks

Fresh  Produce

Belweather Farm: Belweather Farm is a small-scale mixed vegetable, fruit and cut flower farm outside of Keno.  Their produce is marketed primarily at the Klamath Falls Farmers Market.  They also offer a limited amount of seasonal produce including carrots, sweet onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, numerous garlic varieties and fresh-cut dahlias.  These crops may also be purchased in bulk quantities upon request.  belweatherfarmdays.blogspot.com/

Aerie Acre:  Aerie Acre is a nonprofit farm selling a variety of produce at the Klamath Falls Farmers’ Market over the summer.  They also sell at the Tuesday market at Green Way EcoMart (3-6 pm).  Find more information at their website:  http://aerieacre.com/home

Edible Earth: Located in Beatty, OR, Edible Earth sells naturally grown produce, fresh culinary herbs, potted herb plants, and gourmet salad mixes.  Joe Wasoski and Rhone Boyle sell at the Klamath Falls Farmers’ Market and custom orders are also welcome:  ediblearth@yahoo.com

Adams Berries and Produce:  Adams Berries sells strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, nuts, jams, syrups, dried fruit, and other produce.  Their farm stand is open at a variable schedule over the summer at 140 E and Vale Road.  The Adams family updates information on what they’re selling each day/week on their blog:  http://adamsberries.blogspot.com/

Mountain Valley Gardens: 4800 Washburn Way 541 882-3962. They sell veggie and flower plants as well as trees and shrubs. There is a large veggie garden and sell a variety of produce in the summer on site  and at the Klamath Falls and Merrill Farmers’ Markets.

Big Patch: Big Patch, a 40-year-old garden located in Klamath Falls, operates without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. They currently grow a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers for sale at the farm in summer and fall.   Their farm is located on 7859 Short Road, Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Klamath Sweetbriar Farm:  3810 Emerald St. Klamath Falls. Call 541-884-4267 to purchase directly from the farm. Wonderfully fresh and natural beef, lamb, produce, and plants.  They sell at the Klamath Falls Farmers’ Market in the summer.

Cornelius Farm: 9037 Hwy 66 Klamath Falls,OR 97601 benbarbkf@gmail.com They have a U-Pick pumpkin patch and a variety of gourds, winter squash, potatoes, cucumbers, and beets available late summer through October at the farm. *Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks

Wild Duck Farms:   21010 Cinder Court, Bly,OR 97622 541-353-2225 Victoria Heston; wildduckfarms@gmail.com Wild Duck Farms is a small farm selling watercress, stevia, boletes mushrooms, strawberries, peas, lemon balm, horseradish, rhubarb, mint, oregano, sage, beans, salad greens, and more. They encourage visitors to the farm by appointment and sell their products at the Klamath Falls Farmers Market. *Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks

Bustin Blooms: 18211 Freight Rd Ln. Keno, OR 97627 541-892-5468 bustinblooms@gmail.com They sell herbs, tomatoes, green beans, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, leaf lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, beets, and vegetable starts for the garden. All their herbs and vegetables are organically grown and their hanging baskets are bustin’ with blooms. They sell at the Klamath Falls Farmers Market and Keno Saturday Market. In addition, they take special orders for flowers, vegetables, and herbs. *Accepts Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks

DJM Nursery: 760 Miller Island Road; Don & Joan McClendon; 541 883-2351 – dlmcclen@gmail.com or jemcclen@gmail.com They sell veggie & flower plants in the spring and Protecto Covers to gardeners.

Jerry Brown & Carol Reid: 8528 Bly Mountain Cutoff; 545-1030 are selling small amounts of home-grown produce and plant starts. Just now we have fresh greens, rhubarb, raspberry starts, lots of herb starts and some potted flowers. We can guarantee good conversation to customers!

Eggs & Milk

“Poe”tential Farm:  27392 N. Poe Valley Road; Klamath Falls 97603  541-545-6164 – Lauren & Jon Hobbs; POEtential farm sells free range eggs at Sherm’s Thunderbird, Diamond S. Meat Co.,  Howard’s Meat Center, Portland Street Market, and Big Springs Market in Bonanza.

Anderson Egg Farm: 9809 Matney Way; Klamath Falls 97603 541-882-5100 (Keith Anderson Construction, leave message) andersonsfarm@gmail.com  Their eggs are vegetarian fed, all natural range eggs. Eggs are available at Sherm’s Thunderbird, Gino’s, Mac’s Store, Joey’s Mini-mart, The Market at the Running Y, Leap of Taste, Tombstone Boutique and Grocer, Martin Food Center, and Malin Farmers Market.

Pam’s Urban Ranch:  To purchase eggs, call 541-892-0826.

Reid Farms:  Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Kelsie Reid’s chickens are fed with 100% natural grains, a mixture of corn/barley/oats/flaxseed.  1 dozen eggs is $3.25 with a carton and $3 without. Eggs may be picked up at 4255 Frieda Avenue, with flexible pick up times.

Heather Brooks’ Eggs:  To purchase from this Malin egg producer, call 651-515-9499.

Cackleberry Eggs:  541-783-7801 They strive to produce quality eggs from happy, healthy, free range chickens, using heritage breeds and having chicks hatched naturally by hens raised on their property. Their eggs are available at Leap of Taste in Klamath Falls or Bindi’s Beauty Barn in Chiloquin.

K2 Caprine Dairy Goats: Raw goat milk available for delivery to Wednesday Market. It is illegal to offer to sell raw milk is stores; however, it is OK to order it from the producer. Call Linda Kramer – 541 591-4271 to order for delivery.

Baked Goods

Klamath Falls Community Supported Bakery:  Klamath Falls’ CSB (community supported bakery) is owned and run by a stay-at-home mom of two small children. Bonnie bakes custom orders for cakes, breads, and other treats, incorporating whole grains, non-hydrogenated fats, and organically and locally produced ingredients whenever possible. Goods are baked with the highest quality ingredients and are made in small batches, tailored to customers’ needs. Share holders buy into a three-month period, during which they have a weekly pick-up for a featured treat (see website for more info).  kfallscsb.blogspot.com

Green Blade Bakery:  Mike Connelly; 1400 Esplanade Avenue; Klamath Falls, OR 97601 541-273-8999 info@green-blade.com  Green Blade is a family run artisan bakery in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon, specializing in naturally leavened breads, including baguettes, whole and multi-grains, ciabattas, focaccias, ryes, and many others. They also have a full line of laminated pastries, Danish, buttermilk muffins, cream scones, quick breads, cinnamon strudel rolls, oat bran sticky buns, and much more.  They make all their products from scratch, by hand, without preservatives, and use locally grown products as much as possible.

Jam and Honey

Plum Ridge Farms:  Their orchards are located on the outskirts of Klamath Falls, and they sell Wild Plum Jams, Butters, Chutney, Sauces, and Marinades.  They also sell Granny Puckett’s Mustard.  Plum Ridge products can be found at Balin’s Tower Drugs and Gifts, Big R Supply, The Daily Bagel, Dick Howard’s Meat Center, and Quackenbush Coffee Company.

Vale Road Honey:  Contact John Wilda at 541 882-1273 to purchase Klamath Basin honey.

Beer and Wine

12 Ranch Wines:  12 Ranch Wines is located in Bonanza, Oregon and their grapes are hand-picked from select vineyards in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. You can purchase their wine at M’Bellish (522 Main Street) and at their winery.  Call in advance (541-545-1204) to visit their winery at 4550 Burgdorf Road, Bonanza.  They specialize in small lots of handcrafted Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Chardonnay.  Please visit their website for more information:  http://www.12ranchwines.com/

Mia’s and Pia’s:  Located in Klamath Falls, Mia’s and Pia’s are Klamath County’s first, and finest entertainment, micro-brewery, brew pub, & Pizzeria! Enjoy games, entertainment, pizza, food, and micro- brews served fresh daily in their pub and restaurant.

The Creamery Brew Pub and Grill:   Klamath Basin Brewing Company is located on 1320 Main Street in the heart of the historic downtown and inside the  historical Klamath Falls Creamery building that was built in 1935 to house the once famous Crater Lake Creamery.  Their barley is some of the finest malting barley in the world and it is grown right here in the Klamath Basin.


Basin Food Coop:  Basin Co-op is a drop point for Azure Standard products in Klamath Falls and surrounding areas.  It specializes in natural, organic, and earth friendly products.  To participate, first contact Basin Co-op by phone or email ro get an Azure Standard customer sign-in number and password.  The monthly coop pick up is at 1413 Gary Street.  A schedule of order and pick up dates is available on their website http://klamathbasinco-op.yolasite.com

Diamond S Meat:  7400 Kings Way, Klamath Falls – 541 884-8767 Diamond S. provides a mobile slaughtering service and sells meat free of chemicals.   They also sell Country Natural Beef and a variety of local sauces, marinades, and herbs.

Leap of Taste: 907 Main Street, Klamath Fall  541-850-9414 www.aleapoftaste.com A Leap of  Taste offers a unique shopping experience with a wide variety of items to choose from. The store sells as many local goods as possible including coffee, produce, beef, honey, cheese, and chocolate. Farm fresh produce from Fresh Green Organic Garden, Aerie Acre, and Belweather farm are available at the store, along with Flying T Beef, local eggs, and bulk items. Enjoy shopping at A Leap of Taste and eating lunch at their café/deli! *Accepts Oregon Trail Cards (Food Stamps)

Whole Life Gardens (Klamath Falls) – a one acre organic farm growing 30 vegetables with an extended season using several greenhouses. They also have several organic processed products including mustard, hummus, granola, bean salads and several breads.

Belweather Farm (Keno) – seasonal produce grown using organic practices.

K2 Caprine Dairy Goats – Raw goat milk can be ordered and delivered to Greenway for pickup. It is illegal to offer to sell raw milk is stores; however, it is OK to order it from the producer. Call Linda Kramer – 541 591-4271 to order for delivery.

Sherm’s Thunderbird: 1877 Avalon St., Klamath Falls; 541 884-1758  They sell a variety of local produce, Flying T Beef, Poetential Eggs, and Almond Jays.  Most of their organic produce is from OR, WA, and CA.

5 Responses to “Klamath County Producers”
  1. Dwight Long says:

    Updates take place as new information is discovered or folks give me updated info. Have yet to receive one request to be included or to change info in the blog.

  2. Dwight Long says:

    At a recent Sustainable Communities board meeting it was decided not to print a Klamath Food Guide this year. The meal site list was updated today. The blog gets updated as new information is discovered or when someone contacts the blog/me to add or take out listings and information.

  3. Courtny says:

    Are there any local farms or markets that are open year round? Thanks 🙂
    Fresh Green Organics has a year around CSA delivery every Wednesday from 3-6 at the Big Lots parking lot on S. 6th. They also sell extra produce to non-CSA folks. Some days there are other vendors of honey, eggs and other produce.They are listed in the CSA section of this blog.

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